For almost 20 years, Anthony and Sal saw their mother, Carmella Cammallere suffer from the devastating effects of asthma. For the last five or six years of her life, she had, on average, one emergency trip to the hospital per month in order to get treatment and recover from the terrible and life threatening effects of her asthma. Sadly, Carmella lost her fight with asthma, and the foundation was created to honor her memory by creating better and more effective treatment to help others avoid the same tragic circumstances of her unexpected demise.

The Carmela Cammallere Asthma Research Fund was formed on what would have been Carmella’s birthday in July of 1988. A tax-exempt, charitable corporation, the organization raises money to fund ongoing asthma research at St. Peters Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, one of the area’s only hospitals that is engaged in asthma research.

If you would like to learn more about the foundation and its efforts, make a contribution, or get a free booklet on how to make your home safer for people with asthma and other breathing disorders, please give us a call at 732-625-9885.