5 Home Remodeling Myths You Should Ignore

When it comes to home remodeling projects, everyone has their own idea about what to expect. Even so, certain myths seem to be common among all homeowners. Maybe you too are harboring misconceptions, which is why we would like to put the following myths to rest.

#1. It’s Important to Stick with the Latest Trends

There’s nothing wrong with being trendy, as long as you realize that home styles come and go. So if you are someone who likes updating every few years, keeping up with the latest trends is probably ideal. Likewise, if you are planning to sell in the near future, having space that looks modern and updated can land you a better selling price.


What happens if you would rather not undertake another remodeling project down the road? In that case, opt for a more timeless look instead. Or let our design team help you incorporate a few trendy features while maintaining a classic appeal throughout.

#2. The Cheapest Estimate is Always the Best

Going with the lowest estimate can cause a great deal of heartache later on. In fact, we’re often called on to “fix” work that another, low-budget contractor completed. Not only have our clients paid for substandard work, but they must now fork over even more money to have the project done correctly.


When comparing estimates, it’s important to know if one contractor is using substandard materials or skipping steps in order to save money. You should also keep in mind:

  • The contractor’s reputation
  • Number of years in business
  • References and online reviews
  • What type of guarantee is offered on the work


#3. You Don’t Need a Permit for Interior Remodeling

Just because you are not physically altering your structure does not mean you don’t need a building permit. Some jobs such as basement remodeling could indeed require one. Having work done without a permit can pose serious problems later on, particularly when selling your home.


Not sure whether your work requires a permit? We’d be glad to help you in that regards, and will always ensure the necessary permits are in place before beginning any project. And of course, that means that your work will always meet local building codes, as well.


#4. I Can Do All or Most of the Work Myself

Homeowners often make this assumption, only to find out the work is more complicated than they originally thought. Many will never finish their projects because of it, leaving their homes in a perpetual state of disarray. Some will even make the problem worse, in which case you could wind up spending more money just to fix the problem. So unless you have significant construction experience, you are better off letting us handle the job instead.


#5. It Will Always Take Longer than Expected

You can’t always plan for unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather. However, an experienced contractor should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate timeline. You’re more likely to experience delays if you attempt a project yourself or hire an inexperienced contractor. Here at T&K Contractors, we’ve completed hundreds of remodeling projects and can therefore feel confident in sticking with the schedule that we provide.

T&K Contractors-A Remodeling Professional You Can Trust

Don’t let some of these common myths keep you from enjoying the benefits of home remodeling. Instead, schedule a consultation with us so that we can help you put those fears to rest. We provide honest estimates for high-quality work without any hidden surprises. Ready to get started? Then contact us today to set up an appointment.