Having A Stylish Home That’s Within Reach

Have you decided that you would like to stay in your own home for as long as possible, like so many other homeowners? The cost and complexity of moving are probably more than you want to endure, especially if you love your current location and its proximity to services you use. When you plan any remodeling that will be needed to accomplish this, it’s critical to think long-term about how your needs may change in the future.

White kitchen
Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet Inc.

Keeping your home accessible is the most important part of being able to stay put. This means having what you need for daily living within easy reach, without needing to bend or stretch or climb stairs to get something or accomplish a task, as well as having space to move around. While the term “aging-in-place” may seem unappealing, you’ll find that phrase used when you research how to remodel so your home can stay suited to your needs now and well into the future. But an accessible home definitely doesn’t have to look sparse or clinical. In fact, it can be gorgeous while its useful features are practically invisible.

Beauty is as important as function.

Your forever home can ─ and should ─ be so stylish that you won’t even notice its accessibility, only that it is a beautiful, comfortable, and convenient place to live. Open floor plans enable wider doorways and many accessibility features to be added very unobtrusively while creating stylish living spaces. Just look at the rooms shown here that have accessibility features yet are also wonderfully elegant.

Photo courtesy Jenn-Air

A “Reachable” Kitchen

One of the most popular rooms to remodel is the kitchen, and it’s the perfect place to begin. Your forever kitchen should be roomy with everything easily reachable without much bending or stretching.

Many appliance and storage features can be installed close to waist-level by adding pullout shelves for pantry items and drawers for pots and pans. Easy access also comes when an oven is wall-mounted, and an undercounter beverage fridge and microwave are installed in the island. Add a food prep area that can be used while seated.

Photos courtesy Wellborn Cabinet Inc.

Step Up to a No-Step Home

Plan to have at least one no-step entry into your home, because eliminating stairs is one of the best ways to make sure you can stay in your home longer. A no-threshold doorway to the patio and backyard, like the one shown here, is accessible, elegant, and great for entertaining. If you’ve thought about updating your master bedroom and bath, consider a first-floor master suite.

Photo courtesy Pella Windows & Doors

A curbless, barrier-free shower is a practical solution for the master suite that is also spa-like in ambiance. With the floor sloping gently toward a linear drain installed flush along the wall rather than in the center of the shower stall, there is no need for a curb (or even a door) between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. A detachable hand-held showerhead and a bench are luxurious touches that are also practical.

Walk-in curbless showers
Photos courtesy Quick Drain USA

Re-think Rather Than Down-size

Maybe you think you should down-size, but do you really want to move into an apartment or condo? Re-thinking and remodeling your home can be the alternative that allows you to keep your house up to date with your needs while you stay in the home you love.

We can incorporate flexibility and ease of use into your home without sacrificing any style or elegance. The only thing your guests may notice is just how fabulous your remodeled home is. If you have questions or would like to know more about how to have a forever home, please contact us. We can help you decide which features might be appropriate for your needs now and in the future.