Color of the Year: Embrace the Blues

There’s no denying it, for the past several years, the go-to color for home design has been a variation on a theme of gray. So many discussions on Houzz and interior design blogs are about “which” gray is best for your walls and décor. But during the winter in New Jersey, we see more than enough gray when we step outside every day…week after week. We could use something that will brighten our mood, especially in February.

Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue

2020 Color Trends for Your Home

That’s why we’re excited that the Color of the Year picked by Pantone for 2020 is Classic Blue. The rich, deep blue evokes the images of the clear sky and the sea we see in our dreams. We’re all for bringing that into our homes!

Is Blue This Decade’s New Neutral?

Blue, the color of reflection and meditation, may be on its way to becoming the new neutral. It can be as calming and familiar as your favorite sweater or bright as an ocean breeze.

color of the year

Just look at a color wheel to see how easy it is to pair blue with other colors you love to look at every day. Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel, so blue goes well with the warmth of coral, peach or clay. Primary color schemes will let you start with blue and add warm pastel pink or luxurious gold. If you still are in love with gray, a monochromatic theme can begin with a light blue-gray and add touches of soft aqua or deep navy.

blue and white bedroom
Photo courtesy Pottery Barn

Kitchen and Bath Style

If you want a change that’s more than just adding a bit of color with new throw pillows, we can’t think of better places to embrace the blues than in the kitchen and bath.

blue and white kitchen
Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

Tile is a great way to add color to your kitchen with a bright backsplash. Other options are a bright farmhouse sink, a gorgeous quartz counter surface or even contrasting island cabinetry in any shade from azure to navy.

spa bathroom with blue tile
Photo courtesy Walker Zanger Tile

Bathroom style and blue hues go together like mornings and coffee. Rich blues paired with white and natural wood tones can evoke a relaxing spa experience. A colorful tile wall or shower stall can provide that wake-up call you need in the morning or take you away like an ocean cruise at the end of a stressful day.

The “Color of the Year” is Really Up to You

Color trends come and go. But if you need help picking a color, the “Color of the Year” picks by Pantone or Benjamin Moore or your favorite style influencer are great places to look for inspiration. Start small or go big. The main thing is to begin with a color that you’ll love looking at every single day.

It’s up to you and we can help. Just give us a call!

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