Granite Care and Maintenance

Granite countertops are the top of the line choice for your kitchen and bathroom, and as one of the strongest materials on the planet, natural stone granite offers more than just beautiful aesthetics. Granite is so strong, it only falls second to diamonds so technically, we can call it the diamond of home building and remodeling.

Granite countertops are very easy to maintain and look beautiful with both finished or rough edges, making it the perfect material for kitchens as it goes well with various colors, finishes and cabinets. While very strong, the beautiful natural stone can be damaged quite easily. Here are a few tips to take care and maintain your granite countertops:

Clean Granite Regularly

Spills and dirt should be wiped away quickly. Dirt and other harsh materials, including acidic foods can leave your granite looking dull. While granite is unaffected by most chemicals, it is recommended to use mild, vegetable oil based cleansers along with a sponge or rag to clean up any dirt and spills. Harsh chemicals, alcohol, lemon juice and other harsh substances should be cleaned up immediately to ensure the granite doesn’t dull.

Protect Granite from Lengthy Heat

As you should with any material you hope to keep in your home for many years, protecting thin layers of granite from extremely hot items is very important. Though granite can withstand heat longer than most other materials, using trivets or hot plates is still important to maintain the beauty of your granite. Talk to your remodeler about the care of your granite as thicker granite can withstand the heat longer, however taking precautions will ensure your granite lasts a long time.

Fix Chips & Cracks Quickly

Chips and cracks in your granite are a natural occurrence and minor chips can he managed by polishing the affected area with fine, steel wool. Fixing larger cracks and chips should be handled by a professional.

Protect Countertops with a Sealant

Once a year, protecting your granite countertops with a sealant will help them last through the years. Sealants will not prevent dirt and chemicals from damaging your granite, but it will give you that extra bit of time you need to clean up the inevitable spills. There are many sealants on the market and you can speak to a granite professional or your home remodeler for recommendations of the best.

Still have questions about maintaining granite countertops, or looking to install new granite countertops, contact T&K Contractors in NJ.