Pick a Room, Make a Change

Warmer weather always seems to bring thoughts of sprucing up the house, perhaps because you’ve spent the winter indoors, staring at all the things in your home that could use updating. If you find you’re ready to make some changes, then you’ll be glad to hear that May is National Home Improvement Month. Because we love anything related to home improvement, we’re celebrating by offering you some tips on getting started on your next remodeling project!

Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

Where should you start home improvements? Pick the room that you would change to make you fall in love with your home again.

If there isn’t just one space that immediately comes to mind, ask yourself this question, “What room most needs to work more efficiently for our lifestyle or simply needs a fresh look?” We have some ideas of what rooms you might pick, so that’s where we’ll start!


If your bathrooms look outdated and are a pain to clean, we have good news. Some of the best bath trends we’re seeing feature sleeker, less bulky versions of the fixtures of the past.

Master bathrooms
Photos of skirted toilet (L) and wall-mounted toilet (R) courtesy Kohler Co.

Streamlined wall-hung bathroom vanities and toilets hover, suspended above the floor, with the visual impact of making the room feel more spacious. What’s more, with no cabinet and toilet base to get in the way, cleaning the bathroom floor just got 100% easier. Or you can select a minimalist toilet with a “skirted” base and none of the old nooks and crannies. They’ve been smoothed out for a modern, elegant look and easier cleaning. We’re all for that!


Kitchen improvements run the gamut from updates to fixtures and finishes to total demolition. Whatever end of the spectrum you’re considering, one of the latest trends is appliances that are smarter than you ever imagined. You’ll have your choice of devices with voice activation skillsets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Smart Refrigerator
Photo courtesy LG

You can scan a barcode on a frozen food item to send the cooking directions straight to the oven. Some fridges have a camera that lets you check on your milk supply…while you’re at the supermarket. Many appliances have apps or connect to and interact with your smart home system.

Master Bedroom

In last month’s newsletter we gave you some ideas for updating your master bathroom, but what if you also want to update the bedroom? What will wake up the room and make it look new again? Our first suggestion would be to eliminate wall-to-wall carpeting. Nothing dates a room like worn-out carpeting. A fresh hardwood floor not only looks more modern, it also is a better choice to cut down on dust and allergens.

What’s on your nightstand? A few good books? A charging iPhone? Free up some space and update the style by eliminating table lamps and, instead, install pendant lights suspended over the nightstands or a pair of sconces on the wall. There are many lovely styles to choose from whether your room is traditional, mid-century modern or anything in-between.

Master bedroom
Photo courtesy Kichler Lighting

Some master bedroom trends that you can add now probably weren’t even considerations when your home was built. Like a beverage station, built into custom cabinetry, and featuring a bar sink, mini-fridge, and a single serve coffee maker. Another luxurious touch is an electric fireplace that adds ambiance without requiring venting.

“Home improvement” can mean so much more than buying a new refrigerator or replacing the roof. Updates in any room can make a big difference in how your home looks, works and feels. We can help with projects large and small. Let’s talk!


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