“Island Time” Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Even though you sometimes feel as if you live in your car – commuting or carpooling – we’re guessing that a good deal of your time is actually spent in your kitchen. If we were to describe the functions today’s kitchens serve, “cooking” would be just part of the answer.

In fact, here at T&K Contractors, kitchen remodeling has come to mean creating space not only for meal preparation, but for entertaining, homework, keeping family schedules, bill paying, TV watching, and even squeezing in a bit of work.

Where does most of this activity happen? The island, of course!

T&K NJ project kitchen island
T&K kitchen remodeling project in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey

An Indispensable Kitchen Fixture

One of the hardest-working components of your kitchen these days is the island. When we design a kitchen remodel, planning the island is very important for the kitchen’s efficiency. A recent T&K project in Colt’s Neck NJ will help inspire you with kitchen island ideas to start you thinking about your family’s “island time.”

Island Shape and Size

large kitchen with island
T&K kitchen remodeling project with island

When adding a center island to your kitchen, the layout should create smooth traffic patterns and make it possible for more than one person to cook at a time. The island shouldn’t be so large that it creates a bottleneck and should leave room to open the dishwasher and oven. In addition, family or guests who are not cooking will feel more comfortable gathering in a kitchen if there is sufficient space outside of the work area for them to relax without being in the way. A casual floor plan that is open to the family room or dining room will allow kitchen traffic to flow easily in and around the space.

Multiple Countertop Heights

multi-level kitchen island
T&K kitchen remodeling project – island countertop heights

With the kitchen accommodating many different activities, it’s smart to have countertops at varying heights. Just match the height to the activity most often done in that area. For example, lower levels work best for food prep, while higher counters are ideal as a breakfast bar or a convenient spot to serve food buffet-style.

Built-In Appliances and Fixtures

microwave in kitchen island - New Jersey
T&K kitchen remodeling project – island microwave

An island is a great place to install appliances that can be used easily by one family member while someone else is at the stove or sink. This large island has both an accessible microwave and an undercounter refrigerator for drinks and snacks. And, with a dual-height island countertop, it’s possible to also add a cooktop or an extra prep sink.

undercounter refrigerator in island - NJ
T&K kitchen remodeling project – undercounter refrigerator in island

This kitchen remodeling project incorporates smart ways to give this hard-working feature the functionality and design appeal it deserves. You can see more photos of this beautiful kitchen project here.

Don’t Go It Alone

Kitchen remodels, while exciting, can be challenging to plan and construct, and kitchen features, finishes and fixtures are always being updated. That’s why we’re here! With our creativity, experience, and design know-how, we can explain your options and give you kitchen island ideas and recommendations you may not have even considered to ensure you’re getting everything you want and need from your beautiful new kitchen.