Kitchen Remodeling Before and After

A kitchen remodeling or any one room remodeling project can make all the difference in how you view your home and when a client comes to us at T&K Contractors in NJ, we want to do everything we can to ensure their home remodeling dreams come true. For the particular client we are showcasing here and their home in NJ, kitchen remodeling was just what they needed and exactly what they were ready to do.

Transforming a Home Through Kitchen Remodeling

After laying down a fresh floor throughout their kitchen and dining area, it was decided that more was needed to perfect the rooms that this family, and most families, spend the most time in. Enter the NJ kitchen remodeling experts, NJ Contractor T&K Contractors in NJ. Prior to inviting NJ Contractors Anthony Cammallere and his team into their home, the client knew they wanted and needed a great upgrade to their kitchen and dining area.

The first step in this NJ kitchen remodeling project was sitting down with the client and learning about who they are and what they envision the space to be. It was decided that an upgrade to cabinetry, furniture, appliances and much more was required. The team at T&K Contractors in NJ ensured that every detail was perfect and started by bringing cabinetry options for the client to choose. Ending with slightly weathered, buttery cabinets, the once dated kitchen that started with simple white cabinets and old appliances, began to take on the appearance of the luxurious kitchen that was the ultimate goal.

Next came the next upgrade in this kitchen remodeling project – new appliances. A new refrigerator, a wide open gas stove top, hidden electronics and a bright, big new refrigerator transformed the room to a room the owners never wanted to leave. Add a fresh coat of pale blue paint to off-set the buttery tones in the cabinets and antique-like furniture which included a beautiful hutch that matched the kitchen cabinetry and blue upholstered bar stools, the kitchen was transformed into a beautiful mix of colonial farmhouse freshness and modern flair and luxuries.

In the end, T&K Contractors, Inc. was able to deliver a homeowner’s dream – a kitchen and dining room fit for entertaining all year round!