6 Ways to Wake Up Your Master Bedroom

Having a tired master bedroom is not a good thing! It should be a place where you can get away from it all, your sanctuary. If you don’t feel relaxed and refreshed there, you’ve probably put off remodeling your master suite for too long. Maybe it’s time for a change!

Here are a few updates that can make a big difference in your master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

Master suite beverage center
Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

Breakfast in bed.

Imagine this: built-in bedroom storage plus your own private café! Custom cabinets that blend in with your decor can conceal a microwave and mini-fridge. Enjoy a head start to busy days with a single-serve coffeemaker right there as soon as you open your eyes. On lazy mornings, indulge in a luxurious breakfast without even leaving your room.

For relaxing evenings, add a mini-fridge or wine cabinet and stock up your own personal mini-bar!

master bedroom beverage center
Photo courtesy Jenn-Air

Control your closet.

You know it’s finally time to confront that disorganized closet. A customized walk-in closet with a dressing area, shelves, bins, shoe racks, and drawers will make it so much easier to select what to wear each day. Fitted closet components keep everything from work clothes to workout wear neatly in place.

Master suite closet
Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

Lighten up.

Yes, you want closet lighting that lets you distinguish navy from black, and you want bright light in the bathroom. But sometimes you want soft light, so you need more options. Indirect lighting can be the perfect thing for your master bedroom. We can build lighting into ledges, recesses or valances so that the fixtures disappear, and you can dim or brighten the light to give your room exactly the right glow. Chandeliers and sconces can add extra drama as well. If more natural light is desired, consider adding floor-to-ceiling windows or even a balcony with French doors.

Master bedroom lighting
Photo: iStockphoto

Wide open spaces.

Just as a great room, combining the kitchen and family room, is a now must-have item, a new trend in master suites is an open floor plan that eliminates the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom. If you’d like more privacy, a separate “water closet” commode room can be added, as well as pocket doors that can be opened or closed as desired to separate the bath from the bedroom.

Entertain your options.

You want your master suite to fully enhance your leisure time, so you’ll want entertainment electronics considered in the room design. Custom cabinetry can house storage, contain plenty of outlets for charging devices, control multi-media wiring, and even conceal your tech behind doors (when you want to get away from it all).

Put your feet up.

Think outside the box of a typical master bedroom and you might find room for an alcove or corner in your master suite to serve as your sitting room or study. A couple of small upholstered chairs and ottomans or a comfy chaise lounge with a side table make the perfect spot for late night or early morning reading with your feet up and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

These 6 ideas are just the start. If you’re thinking of upgrading, call us!  We’d love to share our ideas for little touches that can wake up your master suite and let you feel pampered and refreshed every day of the year!