More Room in the Same Space

Remodeling Within Your Home’s Footprint.

You almost never hear people complain that they have too much space in their home. The number of closets, the number of bathrooms or even just elbow room are things homeowners want more of! A home addition is a great solution to this problem, but not always possible. If an addition isn’t in the cards for you because of your lot size, zoning, or other considerations, and moving is not an option either, we can still help solve your problem.

open floor plan kitchen
Whole House Remodel by T&K Contractors

Here are some ways to get more of what you need out of your home.

1. Build Up, Not Out

Sometimes you love your home but wish there was just a little bit more of it. We can build up – not out – and add another whole floor to your home if there are no restrictions in your area. A second story addition is perfect when what you need is more bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage.

Whole House Remodel by T&K Contractors

Perhaps you just want to add one or two rooms over just part of your home to make a private master suite, home office or bedrooms for the kids. Or maybe the space you need requires a new level over your entire home. Moving bedrooms from the first floor to the new level opens up tremendous options for how you can use your main floor. Just think about the possibilities!

You always want an addition to look good with the exterior of the rest of your home and second and third story additions are no different. When adding a level to a home, design expertise is needed so doesn’t appear just “stuck on.”

2. Unfinished Business

Finishing a basement or attic to meet your family’s needs is very often the way to add living space at the lowest cost per square foot, because it’s space you already have. We have the experience to create a warm, bright new space while handling any moisture problems that may exist and the challenges of low ceilings, small windows, and poor lighting. Adding insulation and windows that are more energy efficient during a basement or attic remodeling project may even mean lower energy bills.

Finished Basement by T&K Contractors

3. Wide Open Spaces

Older homes are often divided into small rooms with dark, narrow hallways and fewer windows than found in new homes built today. Just removing or repositioning walls to create an open floor plan can provide a more spacious feel and also give you better furniture layout options for more efficient use of the space. Once that’s done, adding new energy efficient windows lets us enlarge the glass-to-wall ratio to bring in more natural light, but not add to your energy costs. Even a mid-century split-level home with gloomy, chopped-up rooms can be transformed!

Whole House Remodel by T&K Contractors

4. Out of Sight

Some creativity and a variety of unique built-in features can optimize living space within your home’s original footprint. Many custom cabinet and storage options are available to eliminate wasted space, make all the dark corners accessible, and just make life easier. For example, a pop-up shelf inside a kitchen cabinet brings that wonderful, but bulky, stand mixer up to counter height when you need it and then hides it away again with no heavy lifting!

We can offer innovative and well-designed organization solutions such as customized walk-in fitted closets and pantries, finished storage spaces with custom cabinetry, designated study areas, home offices, or built-in storage in the basement. We can re-work the space you have so it works better than ever before.

We hope that these ideas can start you dreaming of all the ways you can get more from your home: more room, more storage, more livability. If you’d like to make your home better, not bigger, but didn’t think you had many options, call us today.