Increase Curb Appeal & Reduce Energy Bills

There’s no denying that this past winter was brutal. Many homeowners were confronted with the reality that their home’s comfort level was too low and their energy bills were too high. Neither were what they would like them to be, or what they can be with some home updates.

The envelope of your home (its walls, wind and moisture barriers, insulation, exterior surface materials, attic insulation, windows and doors) accounts for most of a home’s energy efficiency. Many homes have air infiltration problems and insufficient insulation. When you are doing a whole-house project or major exterior renovation, you are already opening up those areas and can improve your home’s energy efficiency by just using the right construction methods and materials.

Energy efficient windows and doors
Photo courtesy Pella Windows and Doors

Curb Appeal That Will Curb Your Energy Usage

Maybe it’s finally time to make plans that include redesigning the front entry, putting on an addition or a bump-out, or replacing siding and trim. That gives you the opportunity to upgrade your insulation as well. Adding rigid-foam sheathing under replacement siding, installing insulated siding, or installing an air barrier to reduce leakage should significantly restrict the flow of air in and out of the building envelope, improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

Wrap Your Home in Comfort

In some types of remodeling a “wrap” can be added to your home. Home wraps are made from specially engineered polymers and help protect your home from the elements, keeping outside air where it belongs so you enjoy more comfort and lower utility bills.

energy efficient window installation
Energy efficient window installation. Photo courtesy Pella Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors: Your Opening to Energy Savings

If you’re replacing windows and doors as part of your remodel, you have great choices available in energy-saving products. High-performance windows provide warmer interior surfaces during the winter and cooler interior surfaces during the summer, so your home always feels just right. Today’s exterior doors and frames often fit better and are better insulated, particularly compared to older style conventional doors or sliding glass patio doors.

The best part of all is that remodeling affords you the perfect opportunity to have your windows and doors installed properly. We will employ the knowledge and techniques that not only tackle heat loss around frames, but also address the energy efficiency of the exterior walls surrounding the windows and doors.

Whether you live in a relatively new home or an older home, it’s surprisingly easy to make it more energy-efficient at the same time you’re remodeling to upgrade its curb appeal. So, don’t just make your home beautiful – make it beautifully efficient! The results can be astounding – and that’s when you’ll really love your home again.