How to Reduce My Heating Bill

While most people dream about ditching their utility companies and saving thousands of dollars each year on the cost of home heating, increasing numbers of homeowners are turning those dreams into reality by using wood furnaces and solar power to replace traditional sources of heat and electricity. Advances in solar power generation, outdoor wood furnaces and other alternative sources of energy have made it possible to dramatically cut the cost of heating your home, and in some cases, make home heating bills disappear forever. Here’s how you can heat your home (and your water) for free.

Reduce Consumption and Increase Efficiency

The first step towards eliminating your reliance on oil, gas or electric heat and electricity supplied by utility companies is to reduce your consumption of power. Recycle your old power-hungry appliances and replace them with new efficient models. Cut your electricity use by switching to CFL lightbulbs (or better yet, ultra low-powered LED lighting) and install timers and power bars to minimize unnecessary electrical use.

Increase the overall efficiency of your home by installing weather stripping around all the doors and windows. Consider upgrading your insulation to reduce the amount of heating fuel you burn and be sure to insulate all hot water pipes.

Once you have reduced your energy consumption and improved the overall efficiency of your home, it’s time to look at alternative sources of heat and power.

Wood Stoves and Outdoor Furnaces

For most Americans, home heating bills make up the bulk of their annual utility costs. As the price of oil, natural gas and power continues to skyrocket, many people are returning to wood as an economical, reliable and sustainable home heating method.

Recent advances in outdoor wood stove technology mean that homeowners can both heat their home and their water with wood, eliminating the need for electrical water heaters and oil-fueled furnaces. Since wood is plentiful in most areas of the country, many outdoor wood furnace owners never have to pay for their heating fuel. They simply cut down a tree from their own property, offer to remove a damaged or diseased tree for a neighbor or source out free wood from arborists or manufacturing facilities. Outdoor wood furnaces can accommodate pieces of wood that are up to two feet long, making it easy to convert fallen tree limbs, scrap lumber and other ‘garbage’ into free heat for your home.

Solar Electricity

Electricity bills are usually the second-biggest household utility cost. With solar power, many homeowners have managed to eliminate their reliance on grid-sourced electricity, and many even sell their excess power back to the utility companies, turning what was once an expense into a money-making venture!

Say Goodbye to Utility Bills
By working to reduce your household energy consumption while increasing the efficiency of your home, you will cut the amount of heat and power you need. Replacing your oil, gas or electric heat with an outdoor wood furnace makes it possible to heat your home for free, and with some solar panels, you can enjoy free electricity from the sun. Yes, it is possible to heat your home for free!

This article was written by a guest blogger, Kyle Brent, president of Outdoor Furnace Supply specializes in alternative home heating solutions. Check out the Outdoor Furnace Supply website and the Outdoor Furnace Blog.