5 Ways to Take Your Home from “Too Tight” to “Just Right”

Like almost every homeowner, you probably have a wish list of changes that you’d make so your home could be just right. Often the problem is a feeling of not enough space: “If only my house had a better layout,” or “If only I had more room to store everything!” or “If only I had more counter space in the kitchen.” Instead of deciding to just live with these issues, consider these 5 practical remodeling ideas that can make your home “just right” while adding value to it at the same time.

open floor plan kitchen
Custom kitchen by T&K Contractors

No More Maze

Older homes may have small rooms and narrow hallways that make your home feel dark and constricted. We can remove or reposition non-load-bearing walls to give you the flow you crave. We can create an open floor plan or put in half walls or low built-in cabinets to define rooms while maintaining a more spacious feeling. Add new, highly efficient windows to bring in more light but not add to your energy costs. Even a mid-century split-level home with gloomy, chopped-up rooms can have an amazing transformation!

dining area with view to family room and deck
Open floor plan by T&K Contractors

Create Your Family’s New Favorite Space

Twenty-first century consumer electronics have changed how we use our time and our family rooms. We can collaborate with you to redesign the room and open up your floor plan to create the perfect spot for your whole family to enjoy a multimedia experience together.

family room with fireplace
Remodeling by T&K Contractors

There are so many options for accessing television and web content that family members often use their own devices even while sitting in one room together. Remodel the room with “zones”: a media zone, conversation zone, and a craft or game zone, for example. Pick the position for your largest piece of furniture, the sofa, but have other seating in an open area to allow you to adjust the room configuration quickly and easily. Club chairs, ottomans, and large pillows can give you exactly the set-up you need at any given moment.

Give Your Kitchen a Gourmet Touch

large kitchen island
Custom kitchen by T&K Contractors

If you find inspiration in watching one (or more) cooking shows, you should consider an updated gourmet kitchen for yourself. A new layout can improve flow and function, make your kitchen feel more inviting and maybe even make cooking fun again! If you are already happy with your kitchen’s basic layout, consider giving it a mini-makeover by adding new lighting, counter surfaces, cabinets, flooring, more storage and time-saving appliances that are also more energy-efficient.

Put Everything in its Place

We commonly hear from homeowners that excessive clutter makes them feel their home is simply bursting at the seams. If this is one of the items on your wish list, some creativity and a variety of unique built-in features can optimize living space within a home’s original footprint.

kitchen cabinet organization
Photos courtesy Wellborn Cabinets

We can offer innovative and well-designed solutions such as customized walk-in fitted closets and pantries, finished storage spaces with custom cabinetry, or built-in storage in the basement. Kitchen cabinets are available with all sorts of storage options to keep things in order and out of sight to make life easier. Reworking the space you have with the addition of built-in organization might be just what you need.

Add a Peaceful Retreat

sunroom addition
Addition by T&K Contractors

Perhaps your list has always included a quiet, personal space to call your own. Sometimes transforming unused rooms or the basement into comfortable living space can create just enough breathing room to make a big difference. But an addition or bump-out might be needed to fully enjoy the relaxation you’ve earned! How nice it would feel to have a window-walled sunroom where you can read, or a beautiful master suite and bath where you can relax while sinking into a deep soaking tub.

Don’t Keep Wishing, Start Enjoying

If you want to stay in your current home but find your wish list and your frustrations seem to grow each year, call us now to learn more about the many ways we can transform your home to make it just right!