Replace or Refinish My Cabinets – Which Should I Choose?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Americans spend more time performing meal prep and cleanup than any other household chore. So naturally, it makes sense to have a space you can be proud of. If you are looking to upgrade, you may be wondering if you should replace or refinish your cabinets. Here at T & K Contractors, we’ve got some information to help you decide.


About Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Do your cabinets appear worn and dated, despite being in great shape? If so, perhaps you should consider cabinet refinishing. With our factory finish paint process your old cabinets will now appear brand new. We can also add new cabinet knobs and replace your existing countertops with new granite or quartz tops. You can dramatically change the look of your existing kitchen look for a fraction of the price without replacing your existing your cabinets.

Refinishing can dramatically alter the look of your cabinets. However, not all kitchen cabinets are candidates for refinishing and what it won’t do is change its layout or features. If you are looking to alter your floor plan or add more cabinets, simply finishing your existing ones may not do.


About a Cabinet Replacement

A cabinet replacement involves removing your old fixtures and installing new ones in their place. The benefit of doing so is switching up the arrangement to suit you better. And adding more cabinets (or ones with more modern features) can easily be accomplished, as well.

Replacing your cabinets is a major renovation that does come with some disruption. For example, you’ll need to completely remove everything from your cabinets, store it, and then put it back once the work is finished. Preparing meals might be a bit more challenging in the interim also. But there’s an upside to all the headache, as a kitchen remodel will bring you one of the  highest returns on your investment whenever it’s time to sell.



Cabinet Refinishing Pros and Cons

 Are you a good candidate for cabinet refinishing? Consider these advantages:

  • More budget-friendly than an entire replacement
  • Results in less disruption to daily activities
  • Prevents unnecessary waste from going to the landfill
  • Available in an endless array of styles

Before deciding on refinishing, remember there are some disadvantages:

  • Your cabinet boxes must be in good shape. If yours are in need of repair, they may not be able to withstand refinishing.
  • With refinishing, you are unable to change your existing layout
  • If you add more cabinets later, the difference will be very obvious.



Cabinet Replacement Pros and Cons

 How do you know if a total replacement is the right choice? Think about these advantages:

  • Being able to completely redesign your kitchen if you so desire
  • Getting rid of your old cabinets altogether, which could be nice if they already have some age on them
  • Having the ability to add more modern features
  • Being able to recoup more of your money whenever it’s time to sell

A cabinet replacement does have quite a few pros, but you should also be aware of the following disadvantages:

  • Completely replacing your cabinets is more expensive than refinishing alone
  • There’s more disruption, noise, and debris involved
  • Your old cabinets will probably end up in a landfill


T & K Contractors – Helping you Make the Right Choice

 Your cabinets are something you use every day, and are one of the first things people notice about your kitchen. Accordingly, it’s very important to have the best ones for your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of which option you choose, T & K Contractors is here to help you have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today for an estimate to find out which alternative is right for you.