What T&K is Doing to Help Keep You Safe and to Complete Current Remodeling Projects

Instituting a Brief Reduction in Work Force.

As a community business, our primary mission is to service our valued clients and keep their safety and health foremost during this health crisis.  As such, we are instituting a brief reduction of services during the next few weeks.

Our office staff will continue to respond to phone calls, voicemail messages and email messages during this time.  Our tradespeople will do their best to complete necessary work in progress to minimize inconvenience to our customers as our clients deem necessary.  All active job sites that are approaching completion are being conducted in a manner that adheres to the strictest of sanitary requirements during work.  We have put a brief pause in launching new projects into production to assist in social distancing measures.

We are doing all that we can to promote a speedy and successful recovery from this community and global health crisis while remaining completely available to you, our valued clients.

We thank you for your patience during this time.  Know that T&K is an integral part of your community, one that has weathered challenges with you over the past forty years of its operation and we will see this through with you as well.  Wishing you all safety and health.